Caitlyn Jenner’s New Interview: “Kris Knew About My Transition When We Met”

There’s a lot of tension between Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner as to just how much Kris knew about Bruce’s gender issues when they first began dating, and Kris has adamantly insisted on her ignorance. According to a new interview with Caitlyn, she was a 36B when she first met Kris, and she actually had her breasts removed at the time. The rules, Caitlyn said, were that she could dress as a woman while traveling, but not in their marital home.

If Caitlyn’s account of the facts are accurate, I can imagine that Kris would face questions she is not prepared to answer. Was she so enamored with the prospect of marrying an Olympic gold medalist that she turned a blind eye to his gender issues? Was she so in love that she decided to simply look the other direction in hopes it was just a passing urge? Who knows. I’d imagine that Caitlyn is sick of Kris “playing the victim,” given some of their on-screen interactions, and if she did in fact know, then there’s far less sympathy headed her direction. Watch Caitlyn confess to the curious timeline below.

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