Tyler Henry Disgustingly Uses Robin Williams to Promote His Terrible Show

I’ve heard of using celebrities to promote sub-par television shows in need of a jolt, but using a dead celebrity to do your dirty work? Now that’s just plain disgusting. In the video below you’ll see creepy man-child Tyler Henry do a “reading” with Margaret Cho in which Robin Williams “comes through.”. Tyler also had Brittany Murphy come through for Jamie Pressly in a previous episode.

Let’s assume for argument’s sake that those who have passed on would in fact make contact with their living loved ones to send a message via a medium. Don’t you think Robin Williams would do that for his family and children, and not Margaret Cho? And what about Brittany Murphy? You’re telling me she will reach out beyond the grave to Pressly, with whom she had zero contact with in the years leading up to her death? To say I’m outraged by this format is a complete understatement. Plus, the kid isn’t even good at this. Watch below after the jump.

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