Gallant & Seal Perform “Weight In Gold In the Room — WATCH NOW

seal gallantWhen Gallant released his single, ‘Weight in Gold,’ in Beats 1’s first “World Exclusive,” he immediately drew attention. The NYU graduate and Maryland native has been fighting conventions since he began, when the powers-the-be tried to box him into more of a pop sensibility. But that all changed when he moved to Southern California and began to self-market online. His debut EP ‘Zebra’ was produced by college-friend Felix snow, and its positive critical reception drew attention from the right music-industry insiders, whose hands off approach lets Gallant creatively flourish. Gallant has since launched a new video series entitled, “In the Room,” where he showcases original work from his inspirations. In his second episode, he performs his hit with Seal, who is equally inspired by the young musician, calling him an “incredible, meteoric talent.” Watch the mesmerizing performance now.


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