Let’s Cut Debra Messing Some Slack


Working for some of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry has taught me a few, key things. First, celebrities cannot be trusted with their own PR. They’ve lived far too long in the crazy house to have any real-world perspective, and without a strict system of checks and balances, blunders are bound to happen. Ironically, that’s ever-the-more an issue with the rise of social media, because when someone messes up, the world is watching. So when Debra Messing was asked to post a “selfie” to promote Katie Couric’s controversial new documentary, ‘Under The Gun,’ she naturally assumed the horrific UCLA shootings provided the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the disaster. I need not explain that it’s inappropriate to use the word “selfie” while discussing a murder-suicide, and I also need not explain that any personal picture posted of oneself “watching news coverage” reeks of ridiculous narcissism. So why should we go easy on Debra? Because she simply got it wrong, and that’s okay.

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