Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” Video — You’ll Find Her Somewhere

Maybe Lady Gaga is the “Perfect Illusion,” and not the love she’s now rejecting with angst, vigor, and a good roll in the desert sand in the video. To quote my friend whose Lady Gaga loyalty died with Artpop, “It was all too much, and now it’s nothing.” Directed by longtime friend Ruth Hogben, the music video for her new song is basically a poor man’s Burning Man with little to no sets and drab daisy dukes. I’m not afraid to admit I like the song and I like the video, despite its negative feedback. In fact, I’m actually not a Lady Gaga fan at all, and this might be the first time I’ll listen to her music more than once. But it’s clear her brand identity is in crisis, and she has little to know grip on the direction of her career. Is this a shift, or is a pit-stop before she’s a breakfast egg and a lunch meat dress all over again? Let’s not forget that even though she had some questionable moments, she also teamed with Giorgio Armani for some unforgettable tour looks. Watch the video below. When you’re finished, try to tell me who Lady Gaga is, in ten words or less.

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