Lady Gaga Talks Her Toned Down New Image

Just who is Lady Gaga these days, and what can we expect from the singer who once donned a meat dress, walked the red carpet inside an egg, channeled Julie Andrews, and randomly toured with Tony Bennett? The singer has amassed a huge following, but it’s not without controversy, and her over-the-top image has always sent tongues wagging. She’s been honest about her bouts of depression and mental illness, and at times I’ve questioned not only her identity, but her ability to sustain the barbs that come along with this business. But does she have an actual brand, or is she an ever-changing artist that will break through any box the public is so eager to provide? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure, and it’s that she’s stripped of all accoutremants for her new album.
In an interview with the London Times’ Culture, Lady Gaga finally took us inside her toned down new look, explaining that she would “just prefer to go through this album cycle and talk about [her] music instead of it “becom[ing] about everything else,” which was “what I [once] wanted.” She furthered, “You can’t make music with a bunch of boys who are staring at a lobster on your head.” Is it a good move, or will the public tire of what might otherwise be an identity crisis? Time will tell.

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