Ravi Coltraine on NPR’s Tiny Desk – WATCH NOW

I once asked a Tiny Desk performer what it was like to perform in NPR’s now coveted performance space and he simply said, “It’s small. It’s exactly what it looks like.” I wish I could offer some intimate inside knowledge that exceeds that explanation, but perhaps that’s what makes it so memorable to watch. The live video series space is that of “All Songs Considered” host Bob Boilen, who conceived the idea with Stephen Thompson after leaving a bar show, frustrated they couldn’t hear the music over the crowd noise. Boilen never thought it would gain the attention it has, but with over 500 performances, the cult following speaks for itself. Below, you’ll see Ravi Coltraine grace the room. As the son of John Coltrane, Ravi’s talent isn’t surprising, and according to NPR, there’s a lot of talent in that circle, as “all members of the band here are performing artists in their own right and come from artistically rich families; drummer E.J. Strickland is the brother of saxophonist Marcus Strickland; Adam Rogers parents performed on Broadway and Yunior Terry is Yosvany Terri’s brother, both heirs to Cuban music royalty.” Watch the stunning performance below.

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