Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Pfeiffer Interview Each Other

There’s a new wave of interviews where talent interviews talent, and for the most part — it’s a giant fail. First, it demeans the art of the interview. The idea that anyone, include an actor or director can easily engage in an art form of which they know nothing about, is almost insulting to the Howard Sterns and Barbara Walters of the world. Second, it’s indulgent. It usually involves endless compliments and painful gushing rather than hard-hitting, informative fact-finding or any type of comedic exchange. Lastly, since most actors don’t enjoy being asked any type of invasive questions, they’re far too respectful in these exchanges, and it’s just boring. Having said all that, I stumbled across Variety’s actors-on-actors format during a YouTube deep-dive, and I actually enjoyed the Sarah Jessica Parker/Michelle Pfeiffer sit-down. Because Michelle does not fully understand the art of television and Sarah Jessica does both television AND movies, it’s fascinating to see Sarah Jessica’s explanation of the TV art form. In fact, I learned a few things. Furthermore, Michelle seems surprisingly shy, humble, and unaware of her success. Watch and enjoy.

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