Tamra Judge Admits to Violating Her Daughter’s Wishes

When Tamra Judge’s daughter publicly chastised her mother for posting their joint photo on social media after specifically stating that her invitation was contingent upon not doing so, I naively thought there must be some misunderstanding. After all, if your estranged daughter finally extends an olive branch, one would think that you’d vigorously abide by any and all of her requests. But as most viewers learned on the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion last night, there was no such misunderstanding. Tamra overtly disobeyed her daughters wishes and justified it with the exact reason given by her daughter — she put her reputation first. “I stupidly posted a picture of her and I on graduation, which she had asked me not to do,” Tamra said. Her reason? “There were so many horrible stories that were coming out and I was impulsive.” I might be the only person shocked by her declaration, but it certainly sheds light on their issues, Tamra often attributed to her ex-husband’s poisonous badmouthing of her. Tamra’s daughter has long denied that her father is responsible, and now we know the truth.

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