Mariah Carey Redeems Herself During New Year’s Eve Performance

There is constant criticism from internet trolls about whether Mariah Carey can hit the same notes she once hit in her prime. Personally, I find this talk enraging. For starters, I could give a collective zero sh*ts about whether Carey can still sing like a piercing dolphin to prove her vocal prowess. And this type of talk leads to lip-syncing, which I despise. If an artist sounds less than stellar due to technical errors, sickness, cold temperatures, or simply vocal wear-and-tear, that’s okay. I want authenticity over anything else, and we should stop bullying our artists into feeling as if they need to deliver perfection at all times. In fact, the best I’ve ever seen Sheryl Crow was in the midst of an alarming cold. She was phenomenal — rasp and all.

I’ve been hard on Mariah Carey, not because of her voice, but because she’s lost the authenticity that made her famous. In her attempt to keep up with her younger cohorts, she’s been wearing ludicrous leotards, trying her hand at terrible choreography, and lip-syncing (allegedly). She has also engaged in cartoonish, reveal-nothing interviews which involve the excessive use of “Dahhh—lings” while dripping with diamonds. I’ve had enough. I’ve also had enough of her finger-pointing at everyone but herself. You are captain of your career. Own it.

Now for New Year’s Eve. To say she redeemed herself is an understatement. It was shockingly cold, and she flawlessly sang two of her hits. She also made mention of missing tea, which was both funny and genuine. The cold weather made her cover up, which was a blessing. There was also zero choreography – thank goodness.

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