‪Amos Lee Plays Steamboat’s ‘Strings Music Festival’

Photo by Molly McCormick

Nestled in the stunning town of Steamboat, Colorado is the Strings Music Pavilion, which showcases over 60 genre-spanning performances during the summer months. The venue houses just 569 people, which provides for a beautiful, personal experience between the audience and the artist. As a devoted Steamboat-goer since a very early age, I can safely say that the venue and concerts have only improved over the years. And given its uncompromising quality at the outset, that’s a mighty task.

For my first summer visit back to Steamboat in over a decade, I was graced with the greatness of Mr. Amos Lee. His new album, ‘A New Moon,’ will be available on August 31, 2018, and judging from what I heard up on that stage, it might be his strongest songs yet. If my math is correct, it will be the Philadelphia-born singer/songwriter’s seventh studio album.

Lee’s stage presence actually surprised me. For someone whose most notable tracks are both heartbreaking and low tempo, I expected a much darker and more intense performance (think Ray Lamontagne). Instead, I got a playful personality who seemed to truly enjoy engaging the audience while simultaneously jamming with his best mates. As for the audience, it’s worth noting that I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and this might be the first time I’ve seen such a rabid group of girls determined to get the singer’s attention. Either Amos was doing something seriously right or seriously wrong to garner that kind of flirting frenzy (I can’t decide). It’s not often that I get to witness such greatness from the third row of such an intimate venue, and it’s an experience I won’t soon forget. To catch Amos on tour, visit his website. It is well worth it.

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