Pete Davidson Stands His Ground at Comedy Gig

Can Pete Davidson catch a break? While I understand he invited a world of backlash when he publicly discussed his relationship with superstar Ariana Grande, the time has come to let it go. He’s been honest about his mental health issues, and the man is trying to move on with his life. During a recent standup comedy gig, Davidson bailed because the comedy club owner was allegedly under strict instructions from camp Pete not to mention Pete’s famous exes — and he went ahead and mentioned them anyhow.

Stress Factory Comedy Club owner Vinnie Brand has defended his decision, insisting that he told the crowd the ground rules upfront in an attempt to keep them under control. Here’s what we know for sure. If you demand that a crowd specifically avoid a topic — espeically at a comedy club — they will make it their mission to do the exact opposite.Vinnie could have hecklers under control in the moment, rather than upfront. Pete knew he had an uphill battle from the moment Vinnie made his announcement — and he chose to bail. He’s entitled to that decision.

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