The Best Beauty/Wellness Products for Women in Their Thirties

I’m a sucker for a gimmick, but when I get it right, I want to share the wealth with my closest cohorts, and that includes my readers. Here are the top ten products that are worthy of their hype.

10. Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

Once upon a time I became paranoid about crow’s feet and a possibly droopy eyelid, so I splurged on this little jar of joy. It’s now a regular on my replacement list, which says a lot given my frugality. It might not be a miracle worker, but it sure feels like it.

09. Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Purchase Hair Towel Wrap

As someone with THICK, long hair, most beauty videos simply don’t apply. No I cannot, for example, duplicate the adorable french braid in that millennial YouTube video without my hands going numb before I finish. But this little towel might have just changed my life. As an air-dry-don’t-cry girl whose unashamed of a little post-gym frizz (it’s only a 1 hour lunch break after all), I noticed an UNBELIEVABLE difference after loading my mane into this magical wrap for a mere 15 minutes while reapplying makeup. I’ve now purchased four (gym, home, boo’s house, my house, etc.).

08. Facial Massage Roller

Let’s face the facts. There are some laughable products out there along with all the chumps who buy them. I’m that chump. On an addict-level buying binge I came across this wacky wand, and boy am I glad I did. We’ve all had that regretful bad-face-day, and this seems to de-puff and de-stress. If you want to purchase this particular piece of perfection, keep in mind there are less expensive alternatives on the market that are probably on par.

07. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

If you’re 30 and flirty, then you might have already discovered that you’ve got to draw the line between caked-on-concealer and a light-handed touch-up. Many high-end brands are geared toward more youthful skin, but Maybelline wins the award with this gem. It’s thin composition lightens, brightens, and refreshes. Did I mention it’s under $10? Need I tell you I am buying three?

06. Philip’s Electric Shaver

Ladies everywhere know what I mean when I refer to my “ho-vernight” bag, and this electric shaver has been an absolute must in some hairy occasions. Plus, I loathe shaving, especially since my shower is sans shelf for my beautiful stems. This last-minute lifesaver feels like a luxury item, and it’s under $15. I’d encourage you to keep it in your car (you’ll thank me later).

05. Bite Beauty Lip Essentials

Purchase Bite Beauty Duo

Confession – I’ve ordered a lot of lipstick in a failed attempt to rid myself of the gloss obsession that riddled my twenties. A friend once intervened to tell me it looks as if I rubbed a greasy chicken wing on my mouth to which I responded, “That’s the look. It’s clear.” Now that I’ve entered my 30’s, it feels more appropriate to enter an era of lipstick. Insert Bite Beauty, which I found courtesy of a birthday gift from Sephora. The brand is worth the lip service for the simple fact that it’s pretty AND does not seep into my lip lines. They have many hues, but I’ve linked to my personal fave.

04. Muscle Roller

Purchase Muscle Roller

If you’re like me, then you’ve learned the hard way that your metabolism slowed down, and you can no longer eat mac & cheese as an appetizer before your burger. You might have also learned that the only way to work off that burger is good, old-fashioned exercise. This simple muscle roller works wonders for any residual soreness you might encounter while reaching your [realistic] goal weight.

03. The Face Shop Jeju Aloe

There’s a magical store called The Face Shop in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, and I’ve never purchased a product I did not like. This particular item felt like a stretch, but I need not question the very sweet sales girl who sold it to me, especially since it’s such a refreshing reprieve from some of my prescribed skin care products. I apply this about once per week in the evening, and my face thanks me.

02. Ball of Foot Cushions

My tolerance for heels has decreased along with my metabolism, and I simply no longer have the stamina/patience to put looks before comfort. But on a more ambitious day, I talk myself into it, and these foot cushions have helped me hit my stride. Though once skeptical about how they could possibly help, just trust the science. Less slip, more grip.

01. IMAK Pain Relief Eye Mask

This product has thousands of positive reviews for a reason. It’s a simple solution to migraines, and the actual fit is fabulous. Plus, you can put it in the freezer! I bought this for my brother who suffers from chronic migraines, and it’s now his go-to travel item.

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