Jada Pinkett Smith Tries and Fails to Knock Sense Into T.I.

I appreciate Jada Pinkett Smith’s efforts to turn T.I.’s horrific “protection” of his daughter’s hymen into a “teachable moment,” but not even Jada can jam sense into T.I’s tiny brain. While visiting Red Table Talk to clear up his controversial comments about accompanying his daughter to the gynecologist to ensure her virginity is intact, he instead doubled down. The most shocking revelation is his insistence that when a woman loses her virginity, she immediately becomes and adult, and with that, comes adult responsibilities. This sounded more like a threat than an education, as if living in T.I.’s house as a non-virgin means more chores, and demanding job, and a clearly defined life plan. When T.I. asked the “purpose of a father,” it was more of a statement than a question, insisting his desire to be “involved” is cloaked with love, and if he doesn’t have a say in his daughter’s choices, he’s then just a man who “donates sperm and pays for things.”

All you have to do is watch the video below to see that T.I. does a lot of talking and very little listening. One of his more telling quotes is, “For there to be malice, there has to be ill intent.” This is categorically untrue. One does not have to intend the hurt to be responsible for the pain his or her actions have caused. His intention as a protective parent is irrelevant. His ACTIONS attach shame to sex and imply that a woman loses something very valuable when she engages in it. Sex should not go hand-in-hand with shame, T.I. does not own his daughter’s body, and one can still have a youthful existence along with a beautiful love affair … that involves sex.

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