Tom Cruise Loses His Top — and I’m Here for it

Tom Cruise lost his top — and it’s one of the best pieces of audio I’ve ever heard. First obtained by The Sun, Cruise can be heard for a solid three minutes tearing into two of his crew members who are accused of breaking the Covid-19 six-feet-apart rules. Since Mission Impossible VII has already been shut down due to the Coronavirus, Cruise clearly had enough.

Many have compared the Cruise rant to the “good-for-you” Christian Bale meltdown, which I’d argue is distinguishable. For starters, Cruise’s anger represents a nation of virus-fatigued rule followers who are forced to isolate at the hands of selfish dolts who refuse to put a piece of cloth over their face for the benefit of the human race. Bale —on the other hand — was bothered by a disruption to his acting process.

Does a true leader behave this way? Sure. Cruise can be both a leader and a Hollywood A-lister whose multi-million dollar film, and the jobs that come with it, are riding on his shoulders. Kudos to you, Cruise.

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