Sharon Osbourne Apologizes – But Leaves Sheryl Underwood Out

If there is anything I have learned during my antiracist awakening, it’s that it is not up to Black people to educate white people on racism. When Sheryl Underwood kindly attempted to ask Shannon Osborne about her stanch defense of Piers Morgan, Osborne got predictably defensive and in fact demanded that Sheryl justify the question in the first place. In the video below, you’ll notice that Sheryl keeps her composure, whereas Sharon Osborne gets to throw a tantrum with no consequences. Furthermore, demanding that Underwood “not cry” is deplorable.

I don’t know Sharon Osborne, but I trust Sheryl Underwood’s opinion when she said that Osborne is not racist. That being said, she certainly ignorant in her defense of Morgan, missing the fact that Morgan’s continual diminishment of Meghan Markle’s experience with racism is in it of itself racist. He need not use the n-word to be considered racist — a point lost on Osbourne.

According to reports, the on-air spat is currently being investigated and Osborne has since apologized via Instagram. Though I’m happy to see an apology of any sort, it would’ve been better in person — and Underwood’s name is curiously nowhere to be found.

I’d hate to see Sharon fired over this. I’d love for the conversation to continue on-air until she gets it, but to reiterate my original point – that would be exhausting for her cohosts, and it’s not their job to offer Osborne an educational course on racism or unconscious bias.

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