The AMA’s: See the Best Moments

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth sent tongues wagging with their lip lock toward the end of their AMA performance, but the spicy twosome insist it was all simply for show, and they are just friends. You know what they say . . .true love begins with an ass grab.

Dressed in all black and rocking red lipstick, Gwen Stefani belted out “Used to Love You,” an emotional ballad off her new solo record, which is presumably about Gavin Rossdale’s alleged affair with their nanny. Blake Shelton tweeted support for his new girlfriend, despite not attending the event.

Apparently Selena Gomez isn’t so sick of that “Same Old Love,” because she recently reunited with Justin Bieber, for the 105th time. And while her performance and choregraphy was shockingly good, I can’t help but feel disturbed by what appears to be a pre-pubescent looking girl dancing around the stage in booty shorts.

Proving that they’re being handed some of the best songs in the business, One Direction harmonized their way through “Perfect,” sans Zayn Malik, who tweeted a curious message about their win.

Just about everyone has attempted to emulate Alanis Morissette’s bad-ass breakup anthem, “You Oughta Know,” so it’s only fitting that Demi Lovato would illustrate its impact with an all-black getup and some very dramatic facial expressions while joining her on stage. The beauty of Alanis is her pulled-back pesonality coupled with her cutting lyrics, so Demi’s performance was a little too obvious for my taste. That being said, it’s worth the watch.