Aaron Embry at The Hotel Cafe — Kills It!

There is something very understated and beautiful about Aaron Embry. It’s difficult to explain why some musicians move me more than others, but Aaron Embry accomplished it last night at The Hotel Cafe. And I’m not the only one. The entire room was silenced by his performance. When I attempted to move closer to the stage, I was quickly stopped by some angry sneers from audience members unhappy with my distraction. They were mesmerized. And rightfully so. Strangely, the only person that didn’t seem to realize Aaron’s talents is Aaron. He seemed shy and intimidated by the crowd. Though that’s part of what made him so great, I always fear it’s the humble guys that get buried alive in this industry. You’ve got to have the fight in you, and I can only hope he has enough fight to claw his way into mainstream media.