Amy Schumer Fights Glamour Magazine: “I’m Not Plus-Size”



When Glamour Magazine labeled Amy Schumer ‘plus-size” among Melissa McCarthy, Adele, and Ashley Graham, the outspoken comedian immediately fought back, claiming that she’s between a size six and a size eight, and the true definition of plus-size is a size 16. She furthered that the label is unnecessary, and “only reserved for women.” Glamour Magazine was quick to respond, insisting that they never called her plus-size and simply included her in the magazine as a representation of a positive body image.

Though I always appreciate Amy Schumer’s everyman take on the toxic beauty standards of Hollywood, I have to state the obvious. Her initial objection reeks of, “Hey, I might be curvy, but I’m certainly not as fat as those other chicks you mentioned,” instead of a blatant rejection of the label in its entirety. She’s right that the label is only reserved for women, but she muddied the message by stating her size. These labels are abhorrent, and each and every time the term “plus-size” is mentioned, there should be an objection, regardless of size. Just put normal-sized, non-anorexic women in your magazines without mention of weight. The sooner we eliminate this focus, people will stop focusing on it. And lastly, if it’s true that most women in America are beyond a size 12, that is ALSO AN ISSUE, and both women and men need to lose weight. I will not tout the importance of a healthy body image when that body image involves being overweight, nor will I do the same with emaciated runway models. Somewhere between plus-size and scary-skinny, there is a healthy weight, and any emphasis on either direction is flawed.