Pain & Gain — Movie Review

20130515-173258.jpgThe irony of this film is it’s about a kidnapping, and I felt kidnapped while watching it. I scoped the exit doors, made excessive trips to the restroom, and solved the mystery about how long it takes for a rasinette to melt into a raisin.

The film is based on a true story about a group of pumped-up dolts who make a fast quest for cash by kidnapping a member of their gym (Tony Shalhoub) who naively disclosed his wealth to his trainer (Mark Wahlberg). The trainer commissions his friends (The Rock, Anthony Mackie), and their idiocy makes for “comedy” when they botch the job time and time again. Call me crazy — but murder doesn’t make me laugh. Sure it had its moments, but the one-note joke about their stupidity isn’t worth a 2 hour film.