Bachelor Pad Debuts — Ed Admits to Cheating on Jillian

The biggest revelation on this season of Bachelor Pad happened about two minutes into the show when Ed Swiderski admitted to cheating on The Bachelorette’s Jillian Harris. Of their relationship, Ed said he’s “not an angel,” and he “definitely was not prepared to be in a serious relationship.” Um . . . WHAT?! Didn’t he get down on one knee at the end of the show? Did this revelation come before or after he popped the question? And if all of the details about what Ed actually did before he proposed are true, he might in fact be sociopathic.

Bachelor Pad Finale Airs — Will Holly Durst Rot in Hell?

I’ve fortunately or unfortunately been in some very long term relationships throughout my life. And though I don’t look back on all of those relationships with the greatest memories, I certainly would not spend that much time with someone only to publicly sh*t on them at a later date. If the person was good enough to spend years of your life with, then show them some respect — whether you are still together or not. You might wonder what’s prompting my preaching parade. Here goes.

On tonight’s episode of ‘Bachelor Pad,’ Holly Durst announced her engagement to Blake Julian via a poorly acted, awkward scene on video. Her former fiance, Michael Stagliano, apparently had no idea until entering the stage that she got engaged to another man. He was visibly upset, and he asked why he wasn’t told prior to the show. Blake Julian gave a bad answer, and Holly Durst was silent. Unless Michael was in a ditch somewhere dying, there is no excuse for this deplorable behavior. And by the way — isn’t Holly Durst the same girl that called Jesse Csincsak a fame whore? Didn’t she say that cameras and attention made her uncomfortable? She sure has come a long way.

I’d like to say in closing that Holly and Blake deserve each other. And if Michael Stagliano is reading this — you deserve better — much better.

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention via Reality Steve, that Blake Julian was offered a $25,000 Neil Lane ring if he proposed to Holly Durst prior to the ‘Bachelor Pad’ finale. Reality Steve theorizes that Julian would not have proposed to Durst so quickly if not for the offer, and given People Magazine’s recent story/advertisement on Holly’s Neil Lane ring, I tend to believe Reality Steve.

UPDATE #2: The wounded Michael Stagliano defended Holly Durst and blamed the ‘Bachelor Pad’ producers for the on-air announcement of Holly’s engagement, calling it, “the worst thing they could have done for ratings.” First, everyone knows ‘The Bachelor’ producers are blood sucking maggots, and if Michael hasn’t learned his lesson by now then he never will. Second, even if it’s true that both Holly and Blake tried to contact Michael and could not reach him, that still does not excuse showing the proposal on air, which effectively rubs it in Michael’s face, whether he knew of it before or not. It’s gross.

Erica Rose Hits on Blake Julian — Bachelor Pad

Being the prude that I am, I really respect a girl that can put her whore status in full gear. In fact, I like to live vicariously through the promiscuity of others. So you can imagine how much I enjoyed the hilarious scene from ABC’s ‘Bachelor Pad,’ which involved Erica Rose’s persistent attempt to get Blake Julian to sleep with her. The girl sure knows what she wants, and unfortunately for her, Blake does too. Watch below.