Dr. Drew’s Daughter Discloses Bulimia Battle

Though society often gets blamed for the unreasonable standards placed on women’s bodies, the sad truth is that the culprit often lives in one’s home. In a touching, brave, and bold article, Dr. Drew’s daughter, Paulina Pinsky, revealed her long battle with bulimia and anorexia. She also disclosed some deep parental problems, most notably when she first told her mother about her illness, to which she responded, “Well, get your teeth checked.”

Paulina Pinsky’s article isn’t just brave because she exposed intimate details about her personal struggle, it’s also brave because she revealed the deep family strain that contributed to her illness. And since her father is the famous Dr. Drew, the risks of the public’s reaction are exponentially increased.

While Dr. Drew has publicly stood by his daughter’s disclosure, I can only imagine that behind the scenes, he is struggling. First, his daughter exposed Drew’s complacent status surrounding her mother’s barbs, and second, the article is deeply critical of his wife. Paulina certainly states that she’s on the road to repairing the relationship with her mother, but it’s quite clear that her mother played an essential role in her illness.

The real lesson to be learned from Paulina Pinsky’s article isn’t about social shame, it’s about how we treat our children. As kids, we will always be surrounded by bullies and bigots who make it their mission to make our lives miserable. That won’t change. But it’s up to our parents to arm us with the necessary emotional equipment to protect ourselves. Without that, we don’t stand a chance.