Dr. Luke Squashes Kesha’s Billboard Music Awards Performance

keshaKesha argued in court that her contract with Dr. Luke would end her career, as she’s accused him of heinous crimes. Luke has long denied the allegations and insisted he would not interfere with her comeback, and the courts agreed to uphold their agreement. So when Luke put the kibosh on her performance at the Billboard Music Awards, it made me wonder if Kesha was right. But then I learned about her plan to include a statement about their battle, which would clearly cause an issue.

While I understand the desire for an artistic, political, and legal statement, there’s simply no way Luke would allow it. His reputation is tarnished enough as it is, and if Kesha keeps renewing her accusations, it will be at the expense of Luke’s career. I realize this begs a much larger question about being forced to work with one’s alleged rapist, but as an attorney, I believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, and I see the massive danger in using the court of public opinion to convict people. Also, I’m sure Kesha’s lyrics speak for themselves.