Howard Stern Denounces his Radio Hall of Fame Nomination – “Don’t Vote for Me”

The National Radio Hall of Fame nominated Howard Stern this year, and Stern isn’t impressed.  He claims that the National Radio Hall of Fame is complete bull shit, and his fans shouldn’t vote for him.  Stern’s main source of anger is that he’s been the King of radio for a gazillion years and he’s shunned from the nominations every year.  So now that they finally came around and acknowledged him, he wants no part of it.  He’s also insulted that he is up against people that he considers complete nobodys in radio (Bob Brinker; Carl Kasell; and Bob Kingsley).  So should the fans listen to Stern and refrain from voting?  I say no.  Stern’s most hilarious radio is when he’s insanely angry about something, so I recommend doing everything you can to incite some animosity.