Rob Lowe Angry with ‘The Outsiders’ — Is Rob Lowe too Sensitive?

How many times does Rob Lowe need to discuss a career grievance before he realizes that he might be the problem? In a recent interview to promote his new book, Lowe revealed that many of his scenes from ‘The Outsiders’ were cut, and he’s “never forgiven them for that.” This revelation can be added to the long list of Lowe career -whines. During a recent appearance on ‘The View,’ Lowe said he left ‘The West Wing’ because “they gave everyone but him a raise.” If you know anything about the entertainment industry, then you know that raises are built into actors’ contracts, which means that simply isn’t possible. It is possible; however, that they gave other actors a larger raise than Lowe, leading him to leave the show in a huff. And what about ‘Brothers and Sisters’? Rumor has it Lowe left the show because he felt his character was under utilized, and he asked to be released from his contract. Something tells me that Rob Lowe is too sensitive for the industry. That being said, I’ll allow him to cry on my shoulder. The man sure is yummy.