Ashley Judd Disses Snoop Dogg and P Diddy — GASP!

There’s three things I hate in Hollywood, and Ashley Judd has committed all of them. First, I hate celebrity memoirs. They’re egocentric, unnecessary, and almost as bad as a celebrity fragrance. Second, I hate when celebrities mention more famous people than themselves to get their name in the press. And third, I hate when celebrities blame the media for all the world’s problems. In her new memoir, Ashley Judd scapegoated Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, and the entire hip hop world, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, most rap and hip-hop music — with it’s rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as ‘ho’s’ — is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.” She then went on to blame the unequal treatment of sexes as the “root cause of poverty and suffering around the world.” Wow — that’s quite a lot of blame to place on Snoop Dogg and P Diddy. I don’t suppose she’ll be invited to any of their Hollywood shin-digs. I think everyone would agree that gender disparities around the world are something to be addressed, but singling out famous musicians to prove your point? It’s cheap and ludicrous. You really think misogynists around the globe are justifying their behavior with Snoop music?