Rachel Maddow Talks Mitt Romney on Meet the Press — Kicks Ass!

I’m not a lesbian, but I’d change teams for Rachel Maddow in a second. She appeared on Meet The Press to discuss Mitt Romney’s recent Nevada victory, and she kicked some serious ass. During the debate, New York Times columnist David Brooks suggested that Romney won because Obama “assaulted religious freedom” by mandating that Catholic churches provide contraception as part of their employee’s health insurance. Maddow gave him a verbal smackdown, saying, “Roughly 80 percent of people say that anybody providing health insurance should be required to cover contraception. And so there is a way you can try to make this into a religious freedom issue but…campaigning against the availability of birth control in America is going to run into a 21st century ceiling,” When Republican strategist Alex Castellanos countered by saying, “When the government gets into something you lose your religious freedom,” Maddow said, “The idea that the Catholic church is being forced to do what it does not want to do is a misnomer . . . . The question is — when you want to become a health insurance provider, you must follow the rules of providing health insurance.” Oh Rachel, allow me to count the ways I love you.

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