Entertainment News Dish – In Review

Vanessa Williams will appear on Desperate Housewives to allegedly fill the vixen void of Nicollette Sheridan.  Though the details are limited, she will have some relationship with Mark Moses/”Paul”. 

Jessica Biel will appear on Broadway in the musical adaptation of Pedro Almodovar’s film, ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.’  Biel has always had musical aspirations; she appeared in ‘Guy’s and Dolls’ at the Hollywood Bowl last summer.  You might remember Perez Hilton poking fun at her singing ability on his blog. 

Charlie Sheen is returning to Two and a Half Men, despite the many press releases otherwise, and his endless insistence that those press leaks were not a “negotiating ploy.”  He thanks Les Moonves for his support along with the announcement.  By “support,” I am sure he means the oodles and oodles of money that they are paying him. 

Bret Michaels will appear in VH1’s new docu-series, ‘Life as I know it.’  The series will follow Bret’s off-stage life, including his children and his Baby Momma, Kristi Gibson.  I find it interesting that the press release reveals that Bret lives with Kristi.  Am I to believe that Rock of Love was a giant sham!?  It simply cannot be.