Paul Simon’s New Album — ‘So Beautiful or So What’ — Incredible

Despite being The Dishmaster, there are times I think I’m living under a rock. I’m constantly in search of new bands to write about, and I lose sight of the reliable legends.  One such legend is Paul Simon, who released his new album, So Beautiful or So What, in April — and I’m embarrassed to admit that I only just discovered it. Most of the information I receive is via word of mouth, and this album never hit my direction.  So I will take this opportunity to make it up to Paul Simon, who I fantasize about interviewing one day.  His latest effort is just as high-quality as his earlier albums, and some reviewers compared it to Graceland.  Loyal fan or not — you must buy it.  I’d also like to congratulate him on still contributing to his art form, which is very unlike some of his early comrades who no longer write new music (hear that Billy Joel?).

So Beautiful Or So What by Paul Simon