Gregg “Opie” Hughes Insults Howard Stern — STAND DOWN, DIPSH*T

Want to know how a talentless hack gets his name in the press? By riding the coattails of someone people actually care about, of course. Gregg “Opie” Hughes of Opie & Anthony took some time to insult the King of All Media’s reduced radio schedule, with ridiculous claims about how he tanked the Sirius stock and ruined his brand by going mainstream on America’s Got Talent. It goes without saying that Hughes’ probably loses sleep at night thinking of the radio titan, wishing he could garner one tenth of Stern’s payday and even a modicum of his loyal audience. The fact that they guy even got a salary for his horrible radio show is astounding. So Opie — if you’re reading this — just know that when you insult the King — YOU INSULT ME. And in case you’re wondering where this feud began, Stern successfully placed a gag order on Opie & Anthony back in the day, and it appears the bloated baby never got over it. Listen below to Stern recounting the gag order and to Hughes’ original rant.