Dear Hollywood Reporter – You Suck – Back Off the Conan Insults

The Hollywood Reporter wrote a ridiculous article about why Conan should not have interviewed with 60 minutes.  Among their many ludicrous reasons, is that he wasn’t funny, he seems too hurt, and that his comedy tour clips looked “sad.”  You guys suck.  Obviously you have NBC and Jay Leno in your pocket, and you therefore feel the need to pick on Conan.  People wanted to hear from him.  Yes he’s sad he lost the show.  He’s sad that NBC, the network that he put in 13 years with, turned on him.  America wants to hear from him.  And there is nothing wrong with him being honest about what happened.  Had he not openly talked about it, people would accuse him of being a pussy that’s too afraid of NBC to say anything.  By the way guys, he isn’t a hypocrite for going to cable after leaving NBC.  The reason he wanted ‘The Tonight Show’ is because of Johnny Carson, not because he thirsts to be on a network.  Suck it!  Read the article below.