Hollywood Remake Alert: Mighty Mouse

I have conflicting emotions about this.  I weep for how creatively inept Hollywood has become, while at the same time singing the Mighty Mouse theme song over and over again.  It’s confusing.  Anyways, Paramount has been interested in rebooting the cartoon for a while now, and they recently amped up their search for a new writer and director.  Though it hasn’t been mentioned yet, I am sure the final product will be in 3D just to torture me.  Watch the title sequence for the 50’s cartoon below, so you too can dream about Mighty Mouse saving the day.

Hollywood Remake Alert: Godzilla

Are there no original ideas anymore?  Yeah, it’s cheap and easy to do these remakes, so why not?  Godzilla is being remade for a 2012 release, and it will apparently stay true to the original story.  Overall, Godzilla has appeared in 28 films produced by Japan’s Toho Studios.  An American remake was produced by TriStar Pictures in 1998, starring Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno.  It made a decent worldwide gross in 1998, but was considered a critical flop.  So I guess it’s time to try again!  Legendary Pictures is set to produce it this time around.