Hollywood Truth or Myth: Does Bret Michaels Have Fake Hair?

With the slew of Bret Michaels news recently, there is one question that I keep getting asked: does Bret Michaels wear a wig?  The answer?  His hair is both real and fake.  Though what you see is most of his real hair, he has extensions also.  Micheals once said in an interview to promote ‘Rock of Love,’ that he has “the best hair extensions money can buy.”  I have no idea what the percentages are, but I imagine that his natural hair is pretty thin.  I think he’s stuck with these extensions for life though, given that we all like to think of him during the days of ‘Poison’ with his long fluffly locks. 

Hollywood Truth or Myth: Is There a Best Actress Oscar Curse?

There has been a lot talk from others, including myself, about a Best Actress Oscar curse. I have done my research, and I am here to tell you that there isn’t one.  In the past ten years, six out of ten Best Actress Oscar winners have split with their husbands shortly after winning the award.  Is 60% really a curse?  Here is the list of winners that did not have relationships end after winning the Oscar: Nicole Kidman; Charlize Theron; Helen Mirren; and Marion Cotillard.  Also, let’s not forget when Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn announced their divorce shortly after he won the Oscar for Milk.  That proves that this is not some insane curse meant to punish successful women.