Ted Turner Calls Jane Fonda the “Love of His Life”

Despite my prickly exterior, I’m a sucker for love, so when I came across this interview with Piers Morgan and Ted Turner, my heart melted. When asked if he ever got over Jane Fonda, Ted said no, explaining that, “When you love somebody and you really love them, you never stop loving them, no matter how hard you try. You can’t — and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Watch below.

Lifetime’s “The Conversation” — Best Interview Show

Amanda de Cadenet’s new show has been endlessly promoted, but I didn’t bother watching it until tonight. I’m glad I did. The format is appealing, especially because it circumvents the traditional bubble-gum, six minute interviews. My favorite line came from Jane Fonda in the first episode who addressed her marriage to Ted Turner, saying that if she stayed with him, she would have “died married, [but she] wouldn’t have died whole.” Watch the trailer below and click here to watch the full episodes.