‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Brutally Beats Another Teen — This Show Must Die

When Teen Mom first began, the story was uplifting.  You had a group of girls that got pregnant at a very young age, and although their struggle was hard, they handled it.  They were interesting to watch, and I never felt as though MTV was promoting teen pregnancy.  They were simply documenting struggles, while allowing you to root for these people at the same time.  Because MTV felt that the original group’s story-line became stale, they decided to follow an all new group of teens. My guess is that MTV figured they’d not only freshen up the format by selecting new people, but they’d also save money, considering the longer you employ people, the more you have to pay them.  Unfortunately, the new group sucks, and it’s time to pull the show off the air.  In case you didn’t hear, Jenelle Evans (one of the stars of Teen Mom 2) was captured on camera beating up another girl — and the video is violent.  She’s since been arrested for the fight, but the damage is done.  If MTV wants to turn their show into Jerry Springer, then feel free to keep this on the air.  But if they want to maintain the show’s original integrity, then make a few phone calls to the original cast.