Is The Bachelor’s Brad Womack Too Hard on Himself?

Brad Womack is my favorite bachelor in the history of the show.  Why? Because he’s the only guy with the guts to say the much hated phrase: “I’m just not that into you.”  Sure, it was a disappointing ending for a show that’s all about “love,” but he did those women a favor.  So when he returned to the show, I thought the decision was genius on the part of the producers.  Why not give the guy a second chance?  What’s so wrong with not finding a wife in a group of 30 women?  There’s about a 100 single men at every bar I attend and I have yet to find a potential suitor.  So is he really a villain?  If you ask Brad Womack, he’d probably say yes.  The guy waxed-on about his commitment phobia, confessed his “intensive therapy,” and even met with Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft to apologize for the ending.  Deanna still seemed pissed, though I get the feeling she generally comes off that way on television, because if you read her tweets you’ll see that she’s newly engaged and never been happier. Everyone’s fine except for Brad, who presumably lived in a cave for the last three years doing self-analysis. So lighten up, Brad. And ease-up on the guy, America.