Alexis Stewart on ‘The Today Show’ — Confirms She’s Horrible

Alexis Stewart appeared on ‘The Today Show’ to promote her new book, ‘Whateverland,’ and it’s obvious she should immediately check into therapy. First, she was clearly annoyed by the Martha Stewart related questions, which is hilarious considering the book would never be published without her mother’s name. Second, she co-wrote the book with Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt, who she’s no longer friends with. When asked why the friendship ended, Stewart gave vague answers, but reiterated a quote from her book, saying, “If you want to punish somebody, never talking to them is a good method.” It didn’t surprise me that Koppelman-Hutt couldn’t answer the question either, given her recent appearance on Howard Stern where she divulged she has absolutely no idea why Alexis banished her from her life. What exactly happened during Alexis Stewart’s life to make her such a horrible, angry person? And furthermore, who wants to buy an advice book from someone that needs twelve of their own? Perhaps the ‘Whateverland’ title should be changed to “Why-I-Gratuitously-Drop-My-Friends-And Hate-Life.”