Jason Biggs Defends Jenny Mollen on ‘The View’ — WATCH NOW

Jason Biggs is a likable guy, as is his wife, Jenny Mollen. Unfortunately, they are lesser than the sum of their parts. Biggs catapulted to fame with the success of the ‘American Pie’ franchise, and he’s still of an elevated status. His wife has gained fame as a writer, most recently releasing, ‘I Like You Just the Way I am.’ The book recounts a personal story about a threesome gone wrong, in what both her and Jason call a “comedy of errors.’ Though it’s cute when couples promote one another’s success, this case is an exception. Jason is too big a star to get caught up in such a public exposé of his private life, and by mentioning Jason in every interview, it appears as if Jenny is using his status to elevate her own. If I were to advise both parties on the proper PR move, I’d encourage them to carve their own career path.

Biggs visited ‘The View’ after the very feisty ladies took aim at his wife for tempering the most salacious parts of her story, and he eloquently explained her trepidation. He insisted that her contradictory character was in large part due to the nature of daytime television, and he also couldn’t resist a barb back at Candace Cameron, who previously chastised their marital choices. Though Biggs’ debating skills are incredibly impressive, I have to once again emphasize that Jason Biggs should be spending time talking about his own career, instead of getting tied up in this mess. Watch below.