Joan Collins Insults Jennifer Aniston — Itching for Press Attention Joan?

Want to know how to get your irrelevant name back in the press? Insult an A-lister, of course.  Joan Collins told the Daily Mail that while Jennifer Aniston is “cute,” she’s certainly no Ava Gardner or Lana Turner.  She also cited Angelina Jolie as the only beautiful actress of today’s generation.  First of all, I’d like to see the interviewer’s question to prove that Collins gratuitously insulted Aniston to get attention in the media.  I would like to also point out that many of the stars that Collins mentioned were deliberately glammed up beyond recognition because that was the style of the time.  Strip off their makeup and slap them in a pair of jeans, and I doubt you’d be singing the same tune.  Second, Jennifer Aniston is damn beautiful.  I won’t compare her beauty to that of Angelina, because their celebrity triangle needs to die — I’m sick of it.  Third, lay-off Jennifer Aniston.  Hasn’t the girl been abused enough in the press?

UPDATE: Jennifer Aniston’s camp responded to this by saying there is “no need to engage with this nonsense.”