Kylie Jenner v. Kris Jenner: Teen Angst Takes Hold

One of life’s great joys is not only watching the Kardashians grow up before our eyes, but also watching their physical transformation from plucked to unplucked, as faces tighten, lips explode, asses grow, and noses shrink. And while we sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, we are also reminded that generations of women are being born whose only talent is selling sex in an already vapid industry. That’s okay though, they are sitting with their artificially enlarged asses in a huge pile of money. Watch Kylie Jenner have a tiff with her mother below, and take special note of her newly formed features.

Editor’s Note: I have no personal knowledge of whether the Kardashians have artificially enlarged anything. That being said, I have two eyes.

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