Kate Gosselin’s Girls Gab on ‘The View’

Kate Gosselin visited The View for another interview with her older twins, and the girls finally opened up, much to the relief of their matriarch, who’s desperate to prove her kids aren’t damaged from their years on reality television. While I have no way of knowing how the constant cameras affected their upbringing, one thing is clear: the ladies of The View did a much better job than Savannah Guthrie, whose attempt to treat the tots like grownups backfired. As for Kate, I’m not sure this teen tour will make her anymore likeable, but it certainly helps. I still maintain that children on reality television should be just as legally protected as children on scripted television, but with the huge influx of this genre, I seriously doubt that movement will gain traction. Watch below to see Gosselin on ‘The View.’

Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars Salary Revealed – How Much Did She Earn?

In case you were wondering why Kate Gosselin would fly across the country every week to compete on Dancing With the Stars, the answer has been revealed.  Popeater reports that Gosselin made $100,000 per episode, which means that she took home a grand total of $500,000.  This paycheck does not surprise me.  Gosselin was the biggest draw of the season, and after she left the ratings went down significantly.  That explains why they brought her back for the finale, despite all of the reports about her being difficult.  She sure is doing well lately.  With her two new TLC shows, I don’t think she’ll have a problem feeding her eight children.  Do you think Jon contributes at all anymore? 

Kate Gosselin is a Reality Television Rock Star

You have to hand it to the women.  She has eight mouths to feed and probably no income coming in from her ex-husband, so why not land two reality shows?  TLC has signed Kate for ‘Twist of Kate’ and ‘Kate Plus 8.’  On ‘Twist of Kate,’ she will be offering advice to women inspired by her, and ‘Kate Plus 8’ will follow the format of ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ but without the dead weight that was Jon Gosselin.  I predict Jon Gosselin will lodge a court battle to keep his kids off her show, in hopes of getting a big payout to drop a lawsuit.  We’ll see what happens.