X FACTOR DEBUTS — In a Dying Format?

Though I think Simon Cowell made all the right decisions with his new panel, I have to admit a general fatigue with this format. There’s something unsettling about gathering a group of ladies who can no longer make money in this tanking industry and paying them large salaries to judge up-and-comers who, no matter how talented, won’t be able to sell records. Everyone knows the only way to make money is on tour, and the amount of performers that can sell-out stadiums is becoming incredibly scarce. That means that the only people who can likely make a dime are the over-the-top pop tarts, and those stories don’t translate as well as the video below, which shows a boyfriend/girlfriend duo that would likely be a huge success if the music industry were in a different place. Until Simon Cowell comes up with an idea to save the music industry, I’ll consider this format — and him — DATED. Watch Alex & Sierra perform Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ below.