Ramin Satoodeh Defends his Newsweek Article – He’s Still a Doofus

Ramin Satoodeh finally responded to the uproar about his review in Newsweek of ‘Promises, Promises.’  As you might expect, his explanation is even less coherent than the review itself.  He basically said that he stands by his complaint that Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth don’t have chemistry.  Because Mr. Satoodeh doesn’t seem to understand what this outrage is really about, I’m going to break it down for him in the most basic terms possible.  The problem isn’t that you said Hayes and Chenoweth lack chemistry and don’t seem in love, it’s that you blamed that lack of chemistry on Hayes being gay, as if it’s impossible for an openly gay man to successfully play straight.  I thought Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler had no chemistry in ‘The Bounty Hunter,’ yet I don’t think either actor is a homosexual.  Do you?  Watch his explanation.