Linda Perry Calls Out Lady Gaga’s Songwriting Credit

imageLinda Perry is known for her no-apology approach to the press, having often spoken up about the perils of the current music industry and her own experience with unfair streaming services that underpay its artists. It only makes sense, therefore, that she’d focus her attention on publishing rights, and this time — Lady Gaga took the hit. According to Perry, Diane Warren wrote the song currently nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars for the film ‘The Hunting Ground’ and Gaga got a credit for promotioal purposes. Perry’s proof is having received the demo originally written for another artist. Gaga’s subsequent version only changed one line, which means if she did participate in the writing, it was minimal at best.

Though Perry has a point, this type of exchange has been afloat for decades, with Paul Anka’s penned theme for ‘The Tonight Show’ as the most notorious example. According to Anka, Johnny Carson wanted a credit, and without it, Anka’s tune wouldn’t make the cut. Better to get 50% of something than 100% of nothing, Anka thought, so he agreed. It’s a problem, but it’s the type of trade that exists in many, unrelated industries.