ABC Cancels ‘Nashville’ – City Weeps

NashvilleAfter four seasons, endless original music, and two new A-list showrunners heading into season five, ABC decided to cancel ‘Nashville.’ Lionsgate TV will shop the show to other networks, but the stars are already taking to twitter to express their sadness. Major Megan Barry also reacted to the cancellation, saying:

The show has been an enormously successful promotional tool for our city, which is why the State of Tennessee and Metro Nashville were prepared to support production for a fifth season the be filmed here. This is a loss for ABC and for the millions of fans across the world who have grown to love this show. We have enjoyed hosting the cast and crew of the show over the last four years and look forward to future opportunities for film and television production here in Nashville.

The news comes on the heels Hayden Penettiere’s announcement that she will enter rehab a second time to receive treatment for postpartum depression. The writers had tailored each episode around Hayden’s first stint in treatment, and it’s likely she timed this decision around the show’s schedule. The show saw various incarnations, as it was originally a story about an aging country star in competition with an up-and-coming act, but it soon became more about the family of Connie Britton’s character, with Hayden’s character taking a backseat. As an avid fan that watches each week, I’m sad to see it go, but at least this means I will no longer have to see Rayne’s angsty teenage daughter Maddie, whose storyline was so irritating it caused me physical pain. Seriously, though. This is a major loss, but it’s not shocking. ABC had previously threatened to cancel the series heading into season four.