Paris Hilton Confirms Cy Waits Break Up On Lopez Tonight — Remains Classy

You know when you go through a painful breakup and you spend most of your time bad-mouthing your ex to anyone who will listen?  Well, Paris Hilton is not in that club.  Though the press often picks on her for being famous for nothing,” I have to give her major kudos for the way she handles her breakups.  I imagine that if I was wronged on any level, I’d take great enjoyment from using the late-night circuit to bash my ex.  As a guilt-ridden Jew, though,  I’d certainly self-loathe shortly thereafter.  Hilton appeared on Lopez Tonight, and Lopez showed a disturbing fight between Hilton and her then boyfriend, Cy Waits, in which Waits’ consistent jealousy reaches a boiling point that results in Hilton slapping him in the face.  Clearly, these two were not meant to be.  But instead of lambasting him, Hilton was kind, saying, that “the relationship just ran its course.”  Who would think I’d ever call Paris Hilton classy? Watch the fight below.