Jackie Collins Interview — ‘Goddess of Vengeance’

Jackie Collins is one of those fabulous women that still manages to stay relevant after an astounding amount of success. She’s sold over 400 million copies of her books, and she’s still producing great, original material. Her latest book, ‘Goddess of Vengeance’, is just as fun as you’d expect. It follows her coveted protagonist, Lucky Santangelo, who’s running a highly successful hotel and casino in Las Vegas. When her casino is threatened, you get to see the quintessential Jackie Collins girl-power at its best. Lucky is joined by a new generation of Santangelos, who bring their own set of juicy drama. I was honored to interview the great Jackie Collins for her new novel. Enjoy!

After 28 books and a four decade long career, how do you continue to find inspiration for your stories?

Inspiration is all around me.  I just have to pick up or go to a Hollywood party!

Your novels often have very strong and beautiful female protagonists. Was this always your intention when you began to write, or did it evolve over time?

My object was to create strong positive role models for women. Female heroines who can kick ass!

There’s some fun dating in this book, particularly by Lucky Santangelo’s best friend, Venus. Is her character at all inspired by your own personal life?

Madonna was the muse for Venus, with touches of Beyonce, Cher, and Lady Gaga.  A true original and beautiful and strong diva with a penchant for gorgeous men!

I noticed that your characters curse a lot. As someone who greatly enjoys using profanity to express my point, I have to ask if this is a natural or calculated choice.

Natural of course.  That’s the way real people speak, and my characters are very real.

Hollywood these days tends to favor the very young. Is it tough to write a whole new generation of characters that fit today’s current trends?

Not at all.  I am a popular culture junkie and T.V. addict, so I am always in touch with everyone and everything.  I write for all colors, ages, and sexual orientation.  Something for everyone!