‘Arrested Development’ Returns to Television — God Exists!

I’ve always argued that if a television show is on a major network and the ratings are consistently poor, then the comedy isn’t strong enough. When I make this argument to ‘Arrested Development’ fans, I fear for my life. The show won six Emmys in three years, and yet the ratings never reflected its critical acclaim. Since it got the axe, fans everywhere have begged for its return, and now — it appears they got their wish. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz announced that he hopes to do 10 more episodes in preparation for a film. I hope that’s true, though I have to say I highly doubt it. Why? — Because getting a show on television requires a plethora of elements that make it nearly impossible, and it therefore takes a lot more than a general commitment to make it happen. Plus, I’ve heard for years that Michael Serra was dragging his feet on committing to the film. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.