Jason & Molly Mesnick’s Podcast — Shocking Secrets from ‘The Bachelor’ Revealed

A little birdie tipped me off to this Jason and Molly Mesnick podcast, where The Bachelor alums dropped huge behind-the-scenes bombshells about the ABC show. You’ll have to listen below to believe it, but the shocking secrets include the incredible amount of pressure placed on Mesnick to propose at the end of the show, and the severe editing to make its stars look better. That editing entailed the infamous Graham Bunn departure on Deanna Pappas’ season, which was edited to appear as if Graham got dumped by Deanna, when in fact it was the opposite. Mesnick also disclosed that he knew Deanna was wrong for him on the overnight date, but the pressure from Mike Fleiss “with a checkbook in hand” was enough for him to ditch his doubts and bend his knee. Listen below.