Crash Kings Kill it at The Bootleg — Concert Review

In what can only be described as epic, Crash Kings visited The Bootleg last night for an unforgettable event. The high-energy band is led by lead singer Tony Beliveau, who’s joined by his brother, Mike Beliveau, on bass and Tommy Roslak on drums . The power-trio’s unique sound is largely a result of Tony’s very cool vintage clavinet, which the modern rockers use in place of a traditional guitar. According to Tony, “There’s quite a learning curve to playing it and bending all the notes correctly,” but that’s [his] baby and [his] go-to keyboard.” As one of the only rock bands to forgo a lead guitar, their unrivaled style is equally matched by their live performance. Tony is a mesmerizing lead, often changing his style to accommodate the venue, the crowd, and his dedicated devotees who will always get a fresh, live show.

While waiting for the concert to start, I ran into a loyal fan who commuted from Fresno to see her “favorite band” whom she discovered after a friend sent her a link for “Mountain Man,” a number one song off their successful debut album. It’s not surprising that she’d be unfazed by such a long commute. To see that two hour show again, I’d drive double the distance.

Crash Kings is currently working on their third album, and judging from the live material they played last night, it’s going to be good. Visit the Crash Kings website for more information on the band, and listen to “Mountain Man” below.